Privacy Tools for Everyone

Startpage • Performs a Google search on your behalf, without sharing your information with Google

Signal • A modern, cross-platform messaging app run by a privacy-oriented nonprofit

Proton Mail • Private and secure email that encrypts messages whenever possible

Firefox • An open-source browser with powerful privacy tools

Murena Cloud • A private and feature-rich cloud drive and online office suite

UBlock Origin • The best adblocker extension for every browser

Bitwarden • A highly secure open-source password manager

Organic Maps • A maps app that doesn't track you, based on OpenStreetMap

Useful FOSS Apps

OnlyOffice • A free office suite that is fully compatible with MS Office

Inkscape • An excellent vector illustration app, I've been happily using Inkscape for over ten years

Krita • An efficient and fun digital illustration app

Thunderbird • A powerful email client that just works with all your accounts

GIMP • An image manipulation program with tons of tools and features

RawTherapee • A post-processing app for the digital photographers out there

PyCharm • A lovely IDE for Python

OBS Studio • The best streaming and video recording software

Federated Social Media

Mastodon • A Twitter-like platform based on the open source ActivityPub protocol

Pixelfed • An ActivityPub-based alternative to Instagram

Reading Material

The Convivial Society • Writings on philosophy of technology

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism • The authoritative text on the theory of surveillance capitalism

Internet for the People • A constructive look at how the internet can be democratized

Logic Magazine • Forward-thinking writing on how technology impacts our lives

Cool Hardware

Fairphone • A repairable smartphone made with more-sustainable materials and labor

Framework • A modular laptop with an ecosystem of upgradeable parts

Zima Board • A tiny computer with good power and port selection

TechTubers I Like

The Linux Experiment • An excellent resource for keeping up-to-date on Linux and everything FOSS

TechHut • A friendly guy who wants to help you learn about computers

NetworkChuck • A fun personality who will teach you about network technology

The Digital Life • I learned how to make YuruPath mostly from this guy

Feeling Adventurous?

Fedora • The best desktop Linux distro for general use

Jellyfin • Run your own media server for music, movies and TV shows, it's easier than it sounds

Linode • The easiest way to get started with running a web server

W3Schools • I learned HTML, CSS and Python on here

Windows Subsystem for Linux • The best way to learn BASH on Windows, if you have a Mac just open Terminal lol